What Makes AmeriPlan the Best

With other dental plans on the market claiming to be the best, why do we believe that AmeriPlan dental truly is?

Consider these following reasons:

- AmeriPlan is the only discount dental plan with it's own proprietary network of over 75,000 dental providers in the US. Joining a plan with a proprietary network means the dentist will want to see you which translates in to better service and bigger discounts.

- As a member you will receive discounts up to 80%. Compare that to some dental plans which offer discounts only up to 25%.

- You can be a member of the plan on a month to month basis. There is no need to pay for a year in advance when joining the plan.

- You can change dentist at any time.

- If you join the plan today, you can save today. Receive your member number instantly online. Give this to one of our dental or chiropractic providers and receive your member discount even before you receive your cards.

- Included in your plan are not just dental discounts but also vision, prescription, and chiropractic plans.

For more information on how AmeriPlan works and member benefits visit https://www.dental-plan-4u.com.