Facts About AmeriPlan – A Revolutionary Concept in Dental and Vision

If you ever thought you would be able to have an affordable dental and vision program bundled into one low monthly price, it would have been impossible for you to believe. AmeriPlan® is a program that gives its members deep discounts on their dental and vision needs, helping consumers save a huge amount of money for these very important services to be performed. Your eyesight is extremely important and healthy teeth for yourself and your family is equally as important. In today’s economy it might be very easy to skimp on these two areas of health care because they are simply too expensive to have with your employer or if you are unemployed it is simply not an option for you in your present situation.

However, AmeriPlan® understands the consumer’s needs. They are a Texas based company that has been in business since 1992 and has been growing by leaps and bounds as more consumers are becoming members and dental and vision practitioners are being added to the plan weekly. The plan basically benefits everyone in a win/win situation. The participating service provider doesn’t have to deal with insurance hassles such as paperwork and waiting for claims to be paid because they are immediately paid through Ameriplan every time a member uses their services. This has enabled them to accept a certain fee in order to benefit from the plan’s immediate payment and keep down their own fees by not having to deal with insurance companies. For consumers, this means deep discounts are applied just by being a member.

Also of note, for small business owners this has also become a very smart program that has saved thousands of dollars for themselves and their employees because, as you probably already know, the small business owner is struggling as much or even more than the bigger companies to stay in business and keep from laying off their employees.

Affordable dental and vision savings are available and very simple to get when you join Ameriplan. The program is very easy to use and the benefits are amazing. Dental and vision plans bundled together with the AmeriPlan dental plan can save you a huge amount of money.