AmeriPlan - Why The Best Choice?

There are other dental plans to choose from, so why choose AmeriPlan?

1.The Biggest Savings

One of the biggest reasons to select AmeriPlan dental is because the amount of money you will save at the dentist is bigger with AmeriPlan than with any other plan. While many other plans offer between 15%-50% savings, AmeriPlans savings start at 25% for specialty work and go up to 80% off the regular full price for the area. Nobody can beat these savings.

2. Trusted and Experienced Since 1992

Another reason is that AmeriPlan is a recognized name in the dental industry, having been serving members since 1992. Since that time they have served over one million members and saved them over one BILLION dollars.

3. One of the Largest Dental Provider Networks

Also, AmeriPlan has one of the largest provider bases in the country with over 75,000 dentists to serve you. The company spends time developing a great relationship with these providers which helps get you the best possible care at the dentist. In fact, many of the dentists have contacted the company directly because they wanted to become providers.

4. Complimentary Extra Plans Included

Finally, you will get included at no extra cost three complimentary savings plans for vision, prescriptions, and chiropractic. Yes, that means you will use the plan and save on things like eye exams, glasses, lenses, contact lenses, frames, prescriptions ordered from the doctor or the dentist, and chiropractic x-rays and treatment.

Testimonials Like These Prove That We're The Best

"My family and I have saved approximately $1,011.00 in dental costs. An example of the outstanding savings I have experienced is on the cost of a porcelain crown. The total cost was only $395.00 compared with $700.00 I paid three years ago for the same type of work under another 'well known' dental plan. We highly recommend AmeriPlan®."
Wayne Holbech - Central Florida

"I took my four-year old niece for a first time visit for a whopping total of $60.00 with my AmeriPlan® card. Without AmeriPlan® it would have cost $210.00! for myself, I had surgical extraction with AmeriPlan® that was $75.00. Without AmeriPlan® it would have been $200.00. My daughter also had a complete exam that cost $55.00 with AmeriPlan® and $180.00 without it."
Althea Parrish - North Florida

“I had root canal treatment done including the crown for $820.00 with my AmeriPlan® benefits. That was about a $700.00 savings. And I paid $4.30 for my medicine prescription as opposed to $30.00. What a savings. Thanks AmeriPlan® I could not be happier.”
Mona C. – Arlington, TX Texas

"My wife had a chipped tooth that was causing her much irritation. The AmeriPlan® dentist took care of the tooth and did an exam. The normal cost was $100.00. My wife paid only $20.00."
Chuck A. – Hoopeston, IL

"Dr. Taylor began working on Alberta on Monday 9/13/04 incurring a cost of $3800.00. Thanks to the AmeriPlan Dental we have saved $1500.00."
Frank & Alberta W. – Bowling Green, KY

"I had two root canals done recently at a cost of $1,250.00. With AmeriPlan® Discount I only paid $650.00!!"
Dallas H. – Franklin, TN

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