AmeriPlan® Dental Provider Search

AmeriPlan Dental boasts an impressive network of over 75,000 provider dentists nationwide with most major cities in the US having hundreds to choose from.

Using our AmeriPlan Dental Provider Search tool you will be able to quickly find all the dental office locations near you  where you can save at when you use the plan. If you don't see your current dentist on the plan please go to any of the high-quality dentists listed here.

Enter your zip code below and click 'View Dentists'. After a few seconds a new window will open with a listing of general dentists in your area that are in the AmeriPlan dental network. Please return to this window when you are done to continue.

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(If you would like to view dental specialists or any other type of provider, after putting in your zip code and bringing up the list of general dentists, at the top of the list will be a link for 'Back to Provider Search'. Click the link and then you will see a listing of other types of providers you can choose from.)

"At first I was worried I might not find a dentist I liked, but there was no need. Dr. Paulus was a total professional and put me at ease and was really close to where I live." - Teresa P. from Fort Worth, Texas